Planning to Move Your Office? You May Want to Call the Experts…

Well, you’ve started a new business and need an office. Or, you’ve outgrown your existing office space, and need to move (or expand).

So, the first call you make is to a leasing agent, right?

Not so fast…

If you are planning to open a new office, or relocate your existing offices, you will find that it’s not just a matter of signing a lease and calling the moving company. You’re going to find that there may be dozens of decisions that need to be made, and you’ll need help from more than a handful of consultants and/or vendors to complete the process.

Whether you are opening your first office, or simply moving because you’ve outgrown your existing space, the first step you need to take, is to determine how much space you actually need and what you can afford. Easy, right? Not so much…

You’ll need to know more than just the number of employees you are trying to office, or how many square feet you currently have, to determine whether a potential space is a fit.

  • Will the space be comfortable for your employees?
  • Will it accommodate future growth?
  • Will it suit your workflow?
  • Will it meet your technology requirements?
  • Will it meet your budget?
  • Is it the most efficient space you can lease and accomplish all those things?

Just to name a few…

So, how do you make those determinations? As with anything else in business, you hire an expert. Your best bet is to hire a professional (or, more accurately, a team of professionals) experienced in dealing with all these issues.

And, as with many other complex projects in business, you’ll want there to be a lead professional, to be your single point of contact, and overall coordinator.

That lead professional is your ARCHITECT.

Your architect will certainly generate a design for your space, incorporating all the things you need in a final set of construction documents, from which you will get bids, permits, and ultimately, a finished space. But, that’s the tail end of the process.

The process begins with your architect developing a set of program requirements for your office space. Generating the program requirements is the process of gathering all the criteria of what you need and want, assigning priorities, determining relationships between office functions, and ends with a mapped out set of criteria for your space.

You then have a set of requirements to use when shopping for available space, including the size, budget, timeline, technical requirements, and even suitable site locations.

You will also have a list of required consultants needed to fulfill various aspects of the move, such as:

  • Furniture acquisition (or refurbishing)
  • IT systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Internet service
  • Security systems
  • Specialized equipment
  • And, of course, the moving company.

Now you will be prepared to hire a leasing agent to represent you and go shopping for space.

At Henty+Pfaff & Associates, Architects, we’ve performed this process for hundreds of satisfied clients.

When you’re ready to make your move, give us a call to start the process.